TTXGP Austrailia: Catavolt takes Round 2 (?)

(Photo: Tony Castley)

Saw this cryptic post on the Catavolt FaceBook page: “Catavolt takes Rnd 2 in QLD”

Congrats to Jon and the team.  I think.  I’m not much of a race fan, so I’m not even sure if by taking round 2 they’ve won, or not.  Oh well.  I’m sure they went fast.  I don’t know what they’re running these days, for motors or batteries or anything…  sorry.

I haven’t seen any reports of who’s racing, or anything else for that matter.  I did piece together the impression that they were racing this weekend…  but that was more from a friend posting that he was packing up to head to the race.

Here’s a shot, also from their page:

…not for nothin’, but I’ve pretty much given up on trying to follow the race news for TTXGP.  There’s no information.  Honestly, it baffles me.  I don’t think I’m the only one, either…  Richard Dort on TTXGP Matters even seems like he’s having a hard time following the breaking news, and he’s a fanatic.  Whoever’s doing the TTXGP Twitter feed seems to think it’s more important to post shots of TTXGP baseball caps than race results.  Go figure.

If you want the most complete coverage for Australia, it looks like you need to go to Tony’s Twitter feed, here.  Also check out EV Motorcycle’s feed, here.  Other than that…  good luck.

EDIT:  If you want to see the best reporting of what happened, albeit a while after the fact, go to EVMotorcycle’s blog for some really excellent coverage.  Here.  Kid does some awesome videos, too.  I can’t wait to see them.

Not to be a whiny bitch, but it sure seems like a strange way to build a following in “The Information Age”.  I can see more information on the Calaveras County Fairgrounds Frog-Jumping World Finals than I can a supposedly world-class revolution in motorsports?  Really?  I get everyone is busy, and there are very limited resources, but please, bitches.  I know several people who’d sell their right arms to edit and publish a feed for TTXGP, and do a damn fine job of it.

Whatever.  There’s a world of racing out there that I don’t understand, but from my little view of things, if you had a good news feed of the races world-wide, you’d build a worldwide fan base.  Those 5 riders or whatever all of a sudden can tell sponsors they’d get some worldwide exposure – not just as a side-show to a conventional gas race, but to a global audience of enthusiasts, and then, OMG, maybe next year you may have a few more bikes.

Stranger things have happened.


3 responses to “TTXGP Austrailia: Catavolt takes Round 2 (?)

  1. Ok I have the rest of my photos up

    This is the 2nd round of the eFXC / TTXGP here in Australia. The weekend covers three days:
    Friday: Practice, both bikes were on the track 4 times with a total of around 15 laps over the day. This was important for both as neither rider had ridden this circuit.

    Saturday: Starts with Qualifying at around 10:30 or so. At around 1pm they then had a 5 lap race
    Sunday: Starts with practice at around 10:30 and a 4 lap race at around 1pm.

    Race 1 was taken out by the Ripperton bike as in the last lap and a half the Catavolt’s motor started to overhead and the controller shut down to protect the motor. Race 2 was won by Catavolt.

    With the same results last round I think the championship is all tied up.

  2. Sorry, I have been moving, and had an epic all day MTBing birthday party on Sunday for a now 12 year old that rides and races with the bicycle shop I work at. I got a press release about practice from Catavolt, but hadn’t had the time to put it up.


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