R5e II Build Update and Status Report

Having what’s basically a “track bike”, or show bike, with no track or show coming up right away means I basically have an ongoing project…  which is fine, since I really love the “building” phase, maybe as much as the “riding” phase.  I’m always a little confused when people say stuff like, “I’m finally finished!”  Huh?  Finished?  You mean there’s nothing else to work on?  How can that be?

I’ve been poking around on the bike, and am slowly upgrading all the things that I more-or-less tossed together to get the thing presentable and running.  Here’s where we’re at.

The Big Deal is the new tank from Rick Merhar at Accu-Products – a reproduction of a 1972 Yamaha TR3/TR3 racing tank, and something I’ve wanted since I first saw it.  Rick put just the top part together for me, saving me the effort of cutting (and paying for) a whole gas tank.  Here it is, all put together with some mounts duplicating the frame mounts of the original.

The sponsor decals are all ready, and will be going on tonight.  I made up a tank emblem too, that finally I’m happy with.

All that, of course, meant I had to cut the seat down, complete with the upholstery, and repaint the whole thing.

…and today: The Return of the Logo!

I had a little fun with a Radio Shack flashing LED kit, and put this little dual flasher thingy together the other day. I have to go on record to say it’s the first electronics project I’ve ever done, ever, that worked the first time I turned it on.  Without help.  I guess that “10 years old and up” rating is pretty much on-target.  It’s going to mount in the dash, and it will indicate when the main power is on.  Hopefully that will help me not leave the power on for a week, and cause a lipo cascade failure.  (again).  I’m working on a little sound indicator that might come on after about an hour, that says, “TED you dumbass, you left your BIKE ON!”  We’ll see if that’s truly necessary, or if I’ve learned my lesson.

And yeah…  I’m re-doing the dash.  I saw a dash panel at a show last year and fell in love.  Stay tuned.

The big news is the battery pack.  I’m tooling up to put in a larger pack that’s going to be in the 30Ah range, but before I do that I’m going to build a modular, hot-swap mounting system.   Finally.  I ordered stock yesterday, and that will likely be the next big thread.  It’s based on a sliding rack system, and will, at this point, be using the Turnigy hard-case lipo packs I’ve used before.  As of yesterday, I tore out the old brackets and am ready to start the fabrication.

Finally, I’m going to start the process of trying to get a title.  With a 30Ah pack, this thing will be practical for limited street use – read, “tearing up the curves on a Sunday morning”, so it’s time to see if it’s possible to get it registered as a “barn find”.  I’ve got the lights all ready, and those, too, will be modular and removable.  If I get that, then I think we’re looking at the R5e III: The Rise of the Street!

Here’s the little teaser video of my last ride before tearing it down again…  I know, it’s a repost, but I wanted all this update stuff in one place:



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