Bookmarks: Battery Testing

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For future reference, Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Battery Testing:

  • Is it fully charged ?
  • How much charge is left in the battery ?
  • Does it meet the manufacturer’s specification ?
  • Has there been any deterioration in performance since it was new ?
  • How long will it last ?
  • Do the safety devices all work ?
  • Does it generate interference or electrical noise ?
  • Is it affected by interference or electrical noise ?

Here, on Electropaedia.

Cool site.  Here’s the intro on the home page:

The site provides a comprehensive knowledge base about energy supply and battery technologies, battery applications, chargers and ancillary equipment.

It contains over 140 web pages of information and explanations, many of which are the equivalent of several A4 pages long.

It also contains a History of Technology (with a special mention of batteries of course)


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