Dept of Intenets Gossip: Shelina Moreda Rides a Brammo

Yup.  You heard it here first.

What?  You want MORE?  OK.  Here’s my guess.  Brammo has seen how HUGE the traffic on my “Who’s Hotter, Shelina Moreda or the Brammo Babes?” post is, and wants to corner the Hot Bike Chick market from both sides.  OR.  They want a spokesperson who actually RIDES for some cool shots instead of more shots of Brian with his sneakers.  OR, they’re shopping for rider/spokespersons.  OR, they’re shopping for a rider.  OR, they slipped a little crack into my koolaide this morning.

Oh.  Right.  Need photo of Shelina.  Here’s my fave:

Shelina, doin’ what she does.  Which is whatever she wants.  Awesomely doing it.

…it’s from her Facebook page.



4 responses to “Dept of Intenets Gossip: Shelina Moreda Rides a Brammo

  1. Just to back up Ted, I believe this has been one of those silly season things that has been in the works for a while. I have just been waiting for confirmation from Shelina. To add extra spice to the story, if Shelina is riding for Brammo this year, it probably means CRP is not racing this year.

    • Uh, yeah… old news. CRP is concentrating on their production bikes apparently. Great relationship with Shelina, great company, just not racing for the moment.

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