Ripperton R1 Electric Superbike for 2012: 15sec Battery Swap, Liquid Cooling

In a post on ElMoto, Andy Marsh of posted a story about Ripperton’s entry for 2012- an ultra-lightweight build based on an R1 with a liquid-cooled version of the Motoenergy AC ME0913 and a 7.5kwh interchangeable A123 pack.  Yeah.  You read that right.  Before you go all skeptical on it, the change-out time is a whopping 15sec.  This is huge.

One word.  Pit stops.  No wait.  Pitstops.  There, that’s better.

The post on ElMoto is here.  Tony Castley has added some nice shots of his own to the thread.  Ripperton’s build thread on DIY Electric Car here (with index, no less…).

On the Battery Swap system:
Daniel has consistently been designing with the removable battery system in mind. The new pack, which will be the third iteration of his quick swap design, is a completely removable unit, similar to a conventional battery power tool. Having the battery removable in this way means that the racer can swap battery packs in approximately fifteen seconds. ‘This would get the rider half way around the Isle of Man circuit, making a pit stop at Sulby Bridge. Not having to carry the full load would mean that the rider could take advantage of the lighter machine over the course. The bike could be ridden faster to offset any time penalty for the swap.” Daniel said.

On the liquid cooling
One major lesson that was learned in the 2011 racing season was the importance of keeping these motors cool. With an effective cooling system the motor can be run over three times as hard without any problems. A 12kW motor with a good liquid cooling system becomes a 40kW motor with increased reliability. Heat is definitely the enemy of the electric motor. Keeping it cool increases the performance considerably.

Though we all know I’m a fan of cooling, I’m not at all sure of those numbers.  They seem pretty optimistic, but I’ll write it off as pre-season trash talkin’.

Besides anything else, hell.  It’s damn pretty.

Go to 7:00 to see what that looks like, with an older pack design:


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