Dept of HOLY CRAP: the ThinGap Brushless Ring Motor

Two words.  60kw.  10,000 RPM.

I have new motor prOn.  Read this:

ThinGap 14050 Ring Motor, the newest in a series of 14-inch diameter ring motors, was developed under DARPA contract using patented ThinGap technology. The dc motor produces up to 60 kW (80.4 hp), with smooth torque and speed because the design produces no rotor-to-stator magnetic forces, no cogging, no eddy current losses, and no hysteresis. The 13-4 PH stainless steel rotor and magnets mounted inside the outer face of the ring allows for high revolutions per minute operations, up to 10,000 rpm.

Think it’s just another vapor concept design?  OK, watch this.


Visit ThinGap’s site here.

The page with the most info on the technology is here.  They apparently have 7 motors in production…  And regarding my favorite motor issue, cooling:

ThinGap Embedded Motors are not well-suited to low-speed or “traction” applications, since at 0 rpm there is no air circulating around the coil. The Motors depend on convection cooling from the air circulating around the motor, as opposed to more traditional iron-core motors which use conduction to transfer heat from the copper to the iron core.

Active cooling of a ThinGap Embedded Motor increases available torque dramatically for the same reason – the motor will not saturate. Active cooling is facilitated through the open-frame construction, and simple ducting of a fresh-air supply, which can increase the allowable current (hence torque) significantly. ThinGap will be running quantitative experiments with Active cooling in the future.


Wanna see it go fast?


i can haz thingap plz?



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