Wiring Diagram Updated

Here’s the latest.  The R5e Wiring with the Tyco and the Vicor DC/DC.  I’ve made some modifications and layout changes based on how I have the hardware on my bike laid out.

Note, the two major changes are that the Tyco contactor uses a 12V coil, so instead of running off pack voltage, it’s now running from the DC/DC converter to the bar switch.  The DC/DC converter is just getting switched on with the main cutoff switch, which is fine because I have no running lights or anything.  Note the fusing on the input and output of the DC/DC converter, too.  Those have to be sized to your 12V DC load.

There was much debate over the diode in the contactor coil circuit, but it’s simple enough and small, so I am putting it in.  When the current cuts off from the coils, the field collapses which makes current.  You need the diode there to keep the current from damaging the device up the stream from it, in this case the switch, or the DC/DC converter.  In the Allbright configuration it was coming right from the controller, so it was a definite requirement.

Also, note the Alltrax needs + pack voltage going direct to pin 1.  I don’t know why.  But it does.  So it goes right to the big fuse.

Use at your own risk.

Note:  This reflects how the bike is actually wired, more for my reference than anything else.  Although the circuits are correct, some of the connections are more for the convenience of wiring (locations, connections, like that) than anything else.


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