TTXGP Celebrates 1000th Day, Ignores History

This is a really awesome video, paying tribute to all the teams, riders and other people who made the TTXGP possible.  It’s great.  Except for this one thing:

Now why the hell did they have to go say that? Is it part and parcel of the electric motorcycle community that everyone has to claim they’re the first?  It’s not doing anyone any favors…

Sorry, folks.  Especially after all the great stuff that Team Betti gave me on the amazing work done back in the ’90’s and early ’00s, this just sticks in my craw.  Maybe in the racing community it’s not really considered cool to nod to the guys who laid the foundation for what you’ve accomplished, but in my world it’s at the very least polite to nod to the people whose shoulders you’re standing on.  Whatever.  Not to be a bitch, but according to my calculations, they are beat by about 3000 days.

The Betti team and the EVN Cup was an F.I.A. (International Automobile Federation) sanctioned championship. The series ran for several years, at least until 2006 (the last year Team Betti participated as far as he told me).

Here’s the video.  Just skip past to 0:30 if it pisses you off too.  Maybe you can enjoy it more than I was able to.

If you want to read up on the actual history of the sport check out my posts on Team Betti and the EVN Cup, here.



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