Genuine A123 Cells Available to TTXGP and Formula Student Teams

i can haz a123z?

Just saw this notice on the Mavizen site, here.

“Mavizen Ltd is making A123 Lithium Ion Nanophosphate cells available at a discounted rate to teams entering the TTXGP World Championship and Formula Student EV racing series.

It has come to our attention that some of the teams have been buying counterfeit and factory reject cells from non-authorised distributors. These cells do not offer the performance advantages of genuine cells and in some cases can be dangerous. To encourage the next generation of engineering talent and grow electric motorsports, Mavizen is offering discounts for the 20Ah Prismatic and the new ANR26650M1B cylindrical cells. These cells, previously only available to OEMS,  are best in class for energy density, safety and quality.”

Um. damn.  Does this mean I gotta go back to school? I mean, jeeze, last time I was there was before the interwebs, hell, it was before personal computers…  but it that’s what it’s gonna take, well, sign me up.



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