The ETEK Exploded

Well, view.  The exploded view.

Them are the partz.  This is how they go together:

The two collars are what holds the rotor.

So, yeah, in the process of discovering how to take the thing apart, I broke a 12-ton press and damn near busted my thumb with a sledge.  Broke my BFH too.  Had to cut the collar nut off, then realized it was coming off the wrong direction, over a collar that was just a wee big too big.  If brute force doesn’t work, you’re not using enough.

Will Ted be able to put it back together?  Will the ETEK ever run again?  Don’t change that channel…

(Sorry about the abbreviated posts, I’ve got two story deadlines this week…  had to get these posts up though to keep me honest.  I’ll be back and flesh them out a bit after the stories are done.)

Here’s how the collars go together:



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