Juicer 48 (Dept of Awesome Awesomness)

Unbelievable.  Look.

More to come, I just woke up to this email and HAD to get it posted before the day hit me:


… So what I’m leading up to is that I got Juicer II, the Etek (Manta actually) in a loopframe project, off the ground.  Check out my thread on motorbicycling.com: http://motorbicycling.com/f9/juicer-48-etek-build-30233-3.html

…still debating whether to paint it or not.  I don’t know how many people share my love of “barn-fresh” bikes.  Anyway, I’m handing it over to Hollywood Electrics this week to keep over the holidays.  Harlan showed me your book.  It looked very comprehensive- I wish I knew about it before I started Juicer I.  Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of Juicer II. 




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