The EV Haters Guide (Steve Harvey, PlugInCars)

Steve Harvey nails it, in an awesome post on PlugInCars. It’s killing me, I REALLY want to post the whole thing here, but it’s genius, and must be respected with a quote and a link.

Electric CiticarsTo a true EV-hater, the image of an electric car will always be the small, underpowered battery-powered vehicles from the 1970s. Preferably, the EV will be depicted on a flatbed truck, getting towed after running out of electricity.

“Whatever the reason, the media often has an irrational disdain for electric vehicles (EVs). And a similar disdain is common among the general population too. The same EV-hating arguments are repeated ad nauseum in the media. After analyzing the key arguments of the EV haters, I have compiled what I believe is the first-ever EV-Hater’s Guide to Hating Electric Cars. If you really hate EVs—and you know who you are—then this Top 10 guide is especially for you.”

I say again.  Read it here.  You’ll thank me.




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