ETEK Motor Teardown: 10 Minutes (Video)

Here you go.  Start to bitty parts, how to tear down an ETEK (or Manta) motor.   (Even sparing you the tacky voiceover or obnoxious music.  Don’t thank me, no, you’re too kind…  )


10 responses to “ETEK Motor Teardown: 10 Minutes (Video)

    • Thanks! Not sure what you mean, but I’m sure there are several ways to do it. If I was to do this all day long, I think I could get it down to 5 min. per motor using some fixtures.

  1. Very nice info here, thanks :)! Some detail questions…

    1) If I understood it correctly, while you unscrew the big external screws (which you seem to unscrew in cross and a bit each in round-robin), the plates with the magnets will approach and stick to the rotor, correct?

    2) Do you swap the front bearing? My gut tells me the hammering on the axis can/will ruin it.

    3) Is there a special position for the magnet plates on assembly, or one just needs to assemble the 3 screws that holds it to the case, in any position?

    Many thanks!

    • Thanks! Sorry there’s no detailed commentary, I wasn’t feeling chatty. 🙂

      1) Correct. I take out two opposing bolts, then try to loosen the others a half-turn until the magnet drops onto the rotor. It’s impossible to pull the halves apart with the magnets attached, at least with the tools I have.

      2) Not necessarily, turning the case and the shaft keeps the bearing aligned and as long as it keeps making progress it doesn’t damage it. Been doing that for years. That said, if I had a press it would be better (and more proper) and I did replace the bearing because it was a POS cheapee.

      3) Yes, everything has a correct position, and you should mark stuff with alignment points as you go. I’ll be posting the assembly video later, stay tuned.

  2. I have two questions to ask:

    The first is: how was your experiment of 6-speed electric motorcycle?

    the second is: have you ever thought to change a similar engine for example by introducing a cooling liquid (oil)? if so what would be the problems that occur if you try?




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