NEWS FLASH!!! Shelina Moreda at ElectroPalooza?!! (Dept of OMGOMGOMG)

Check it out, bitches. 

Yep.  That’s the Bad Girl of Electric Racing, Shelina (“Ride it like you stole it”) Moreda, rockin’ the May 2012 First Ever Annual ElectroPalooza.

This thing is actually starting to get some legs.  As you can see in the comments, Lightning and Team Zero wanna come.  Brammo might be there.  Shelina has hinted that her CRP team may show.  There’s more.  Much, much more.

The main information page for the event will be here, on  It’s going to be hosted by the Solar and Wind Expo Maryland guys, May 11-13, 2012.  If you want to help plan this thing, ask to join our Facebook Page, here.

Sorry, gotta go.  Shelina needs to talk to me…




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