TTXGPmatters Interviews Thad Wolff (podcast)

If you’re into the TTXGP and racing and stuff, you have to visit my buddy Rich’s site over at TTXGPmatters…  He’s got his opinions, but by god, he knows what the hell he’s talking about and can back (most of) them up.

Rich had the chance to sit down with Thad Wolff, a pretty much legendary rider, from where I sit, and someone who I share a lot of perspective with.  He’s old, like me.  He was riding back in the ’60s and ’70s like me.  He knew legendary riders like Freddie Spencer and Kenny Roberts, like, uh, well…  I wanted to.  Above all, he pretty much feels a bike is a bike, he likes controlling things rather than letting a computer do it, and I suspect he likes steel double downtube frames.

OK, that last one was just a guess.

Anyway, Rich got him talking, and it’s great to hear his perspective on all this stuff.  Go here to listen: TTXGPod Episode 0: Interview with Thad Wolff. (Though all the pre-interview banter is interesting, if you want to cut right to Thad, go to 24:44 or so…  but you’ll miss hearing the correct way to pronounce MotoCyzzzzilles.)


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