EICMA Scorecard 2011

Last year’s EICMA saw a ton of electric motorcycles hit the scene.  This year, there were a crap-ton, pretty much dispelling any doubts about it being a flash in the pan.  Who came out on top?  Here’s my short list.

First Place: Zero Motorcycles

New model line.  Great looking specs.  AND a delivery date.  Game over.

It seems pretty simple, if you’re coming to this as an enthusiast looking to buy a bike, right?  Here’s a new company building bikes, showing specs, and promising delivery within a pretty short time-frame…  yep.  That’s what you’d think. That’s pretty much how you sell products.

Second Place: KTM

I already posted this video, but here it is again.  There’s nothing more than simple, balls-to-the-wall fun here.  And that, to me, is what these bikes are all about…   hell, I may just have to build me a dirt bike because of this.

KTM gets it.

Third Place: Honda

Wait.  What?  Honda wasn’t even at the show.  Yeah.  Exactly. Honda played the “Conspicuous Absence” game masterfully…  they were at the show, this huge electric bike show, and didn’t show anything electric.  Instead they leaked possibly the coolest series of photos to come out last week…  their concept bikes due to be announced in the Tokyo show in December.  Here is one of those:

Without even showing up, this bike stole the show.  Why?  It’s freakin gorgeous for one.  It’s part of what looks like a major effort by a major manufacture in an exciting new market.  Spare me all the “it’s only a concept, they’ll never produce it” crap.  If in a year or two it doesn’t show up, then fine, but at this point I think there’s a lot better chance of this baby hitting the streets than anything else out there like it.

This was a masterful play by Honda, and, no surprise, Honda gets it too.  Besides the fact they’re talking about dropping one of their automotive drivetrains into the thing.  (Yes, they, too, released specs…)

Honorable Mention goes to Brammo.

Did we get any firm specs on the Empulse?  Nope.  Any more information on delivery dates for any of the line- ten bikes or so with only one shipping? Un uh..  What we did get via the Brammo Facebook page was a fairly constant stream of shots of the Brammo Babes.  Now, there are some who may make disparaging comments about how if you don’t have anything new to say, say it with cheesecake, but not me.  Oh no.  How could you think something like that for a minute when you see a face like this?

…though I hope one of those old guys buys her some lunch.  Who are those guys anyway?  Who really wants to know?

Brammo also posted a snap of the coolest bike there.  Unfortunately it runs on dinosaur remains.

This is a bike from SBay Motors.  Kind of ironic, huh?  Now, take that badass frame and wrap it around a UCM motor and some lipo, and now you’re talking.

Anyway, Brammo wins for best diversion, and best snapshots of the show.  I got more of a feel of what the show was like from what they posted on their FB page than anything else I saw during the week.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Husquevarna.  It’s just preeeety.  And it’s from BMW- see their page on it here.  Do I know anything about the Husky production?  Not much, just that I think it’s pretty much a slam dunk that they, like Honda and KTM, could put it into production with the click of a mouse.

BTW, Jensen did a great story on that here, on Asphalt and Rubber.



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