History- The EVN Cup

My racing history thread has brought up the EVN Cup on more than a few occasions.  Here’s a little translation of an archived page from what was http://www.evn-cup.at.

EVN CUP 2002

Largest event in Europe

The EVN AG and ÖAMTC Motorsport arrange for the twelfth consecutive year the EVN-CUP, on 24 and 25 August at the site of the Arena Nova Business fairs will be held in Wiener Neustadt.

The EVN-CUP 2002 is the sporting highlight of the year for alternative fuel vehicles in Europe and a feast for the whole family. In 2001, 86 race teams at the start – including all the top teams from Switzerland, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, Finland, Germany and Austria.

The EVN-CUP 2002 will not only offer exciting racing, but also present new developments in alternative drives, an interesting program complements the motor sport sector.

The EVN is one of the FIA ​​CUP 2002 Solar and Electric Cup and this year the organizers expect another great racing atmosphere.

With the EVN EVN CUP promotes the development of environmentally friendly, alternative-powered vehicles.

Here’s what looks like the EVN’s current site.  Ahhhh.  Got it.  An environmental company that probably sponsored or hosted theses races…  more on their history, here.

See all the posts about BettiMoto and the history of electric motorcycle racing here.



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