History: The BettiMoto Story (A Better Translation)

Thanks to our friend, Simone Mancini of Motoelettriche, here’s a better translation with some more information:

– The “ECO” 1998:  The first motorcycle was built by Thomas and Luciano Betti in 1998 The bike was built using the electronics of a car and had a 120-volt brushed motor and total weight of 290 kg.  It didn’t reach 50 km / h – so much effort a disappointment!

– Fixed electronic problems remained the transmission problems . initially the bikes composed by a power regulator and a strap but a belt was not resistant to the power of the engine so it was replaced with a chain and the bike was up to 130 km / h with great acceleration.

– 1999: The first Electric Motorcycles World Championship won by Betty Motorcycle .  The first races of the echo had reliability problems, they solved the problems and he won all the races remaining. In the decisive last match in Vienna (Austria) Luciano Betti beat Czernoch Rudolf (winner of 4 consecutive titles) and won the world championship.

– 2000: Betti bike won his second World championship.  Two motorcycle riders in the championship were Thomas Betti and Luciano Betti . Thomas won many races but his father Luciano won the world championship. Betti also maked a scooter and with Stephen Sberlati rider (responsible  for the electronics for the team) won the first  Italian scooter title .

– 2002 = New Torpedine Motorcycle.  Three new Torpedine bikes are run at the start of the World dominated by Betti Thomas who won 9 races out of 10 total, the only race not won by Thomas was won by Luciano.

– 2003 = 5 riders in the new team: Thomas Betti, Betti Luciano, Matthew Cesarini, Simone Baldini and Angelo Andreani. All pilots have participated in the two categories of 150 kg and 300 kg a total of 10 bikes for the team. Luciano Betti back to win the FIA World class and absolute!

– 2004 = Luciano Betti domain that wins both titles FIA.

– 2005-2006 = Third and fourth title for Thomas Betti and seventh and eighth for the team.

– The team Betti Motorcycles has won seven titles of category and an absolute in FIA electric motorcycles championships.

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