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As I’d hoped, the information is starting to bust open.  Here’s a post I found on Electrifying Times, ca. 2002, with some translated press releases:


Betti OF THE Doohan “ELECTRIC”

An Italian Firefighter Wins World Title

His name is unknown to the general public, but Luciano Betti, 44, a professional firefighter, is a champion of the world. Sunday, August 22 in Vienna won the second edition of the World Championship electric motorcycle. Specialties for now unrecognized, which – oddly – does not fall under the aegis of the federation or Italian motorcycle or international, but the FIA, the symbol that identifies the highest body car. The world of electric bikes has been awarded this year in four tests: Lombardore Levico, Jesolo and, of course, Vienna. There was also a stage in Japan, suppressed for lack of participants. Too expensive for drivers to travel outside Europe to participate.

“A Season in the world, bike and travel, costs about fifty million, which I covered in part with the help of sponsors,” says the new champion of the world, that its “Eco” if it is built by himself, with the ‘help of his son Thomas.

“The decline of internal combustion engines has already begun,” a word Betti, who firmly believes “the future of the two-wheel electric motor.” Its “Eco” is designed around an engine running at 120 volts for ten batteries. Total weight 270 pounds, for a maximum speed of nearly 160 times and “amazing acceleration.” Betti, who races in the highest category for bikes 150 to 300 pounds (the bottom is reserved for media up to 150 kg) with a first and a second place in the ‘last race (each race is run in two heats) has beat the Austrian Rudolph Czernoch; third place for another Italian, Andrea Buldini.

And next year at the start of the Betti global electric bikes will be two: in addition to Luciano, his son Thomas.


Motorcycle World Championship in Austria

Betti, The Electric Horseman gives the world in Pesaro

PESARO – World champion at 44 years, riding the electric bike built in the garage under the house. Luciano Betti firefighter Novafeltria, a small town of Pesaro on the border with Romagna, has realized the dream of the last vita.Domenica as Rossi and Melandri, the magnificent Italian children of the circus world champion had won in Brno with their hissing two days, he silently conquered his world title riding the Echo.

A motorbike of 270 kg and can reach 160 km / h, which has grabbed this year, including that of Vienna, three successes: “To learn to drive it the best Betti said I had to forget how to drive the other dock, but to go fast, to win you need to do as the other two wheels: brake after the first and open the throttle. And my revenge on those who thought that I had played 40 years rincitrullito when I said that I built an electric motorcycle to participate in the World. ”

Even before winning the world title, Betti had been contacted by prof. Francis Grianta, nuclear engineer, Professor of Physics at the University of Urbino, which intrigued by the motion of the fireman, had wanted to know the secrets.

So the Echo will become the subject of study for the thesis of some of the students’ university Montefeltro, while it is quite possible that the University is involved in research, funding of firefighter competitions, making it even more competitive medium.

Already happens in the World Championship, where the University of Belfast sponsors of the team of British rider ‘Aprilia, Jeremy McWilliams.

Saturday evening the town of Novafeltria, mayor at the head, will celebrate its champion in the square. It is not known as Valentino Rossi, but he won the World Cup speed electric vehicles.

The world of the future.

Maurizio Bruscolini


And this, from the German:

EVN CUP 2001 provided a thrilling race action
“Future Forum” showed the latest developments in alternative motor drives

Once more the character of “hot” was the 11th race atmosphere EVN-CUP for alternative fuel vehicles. Thousands of visitors at the test site, near Baden-Semperit were also a lot of information “to take home.”

Were offered to viewers in high summer temperatures not only exciting race with spectacular wheel-to-wheel duels. As a point of attraction was also the “Forum for the Future”, where several well-known car manufacturers their innovations in the field of alternative motor drives presented.

The Opel Zafira 1.6 CNG – a Komapkt-van that runs on natural gas – were the CUP EVN Austria did its premiere. Toyota introduced the Prius, a vehicle with hybrid petrol-electric drive before. Volvo showed its bi-fuel models (petrol and gas), S60, S80 and V70. Mercedes Benz, it was the first time in Austria a 1-1 sectional model of Necar 5 (Class A), the recent development of DaimlerChrysler’s fuel cell research to see. Fiat was represented by the Mulitpla, which is available in version Bipower (gasoline and natural gas) or Blue Power (excluding gas drive). For this purpose, Linde Gas with new fueling facilities.

Although Audi presented a “traditional”, with the A2 1.2 TDI, but extremely economical car (three liters per 100 km).

Attraction for true mass audience in EVN-CUP, moreover, were once more the ORF Schlagerparty, furthermore, the show stage, where among other things provided Ö3 weatherman Andrew Hunter and Roland Düringer with his solo performance for entertainment and humor, as well as the fun park.

And not least of course, proved to be the race for the “Prix of Austria” as real crowds. “Grand Prix” mood was thus not only on the weekend at the Hungaroring, near Budapest, but also in the “Formula 1 is the e-Mobile” on the Semperit test site.

Also a hot battle for the victory, the visitors enjoyed the celebrity race. Caused when the “VIP Grand Prix” in electric cars, especially the “audience favorite” Roland Düringer sensation. The comedian had to be on his debut as “Brother Power” is ultimately just a crooner Nino Angelo de beaten in the cable signal to give electric car. Third place went to Semperit Managing Director Dipl. Hans Hirschl. Best female participants in the twelve-member field northeast ORF presenter Christiane Teschl was in sixth.

There were also the winners-EVN CUP 2001 for the “Prix of Austria” itself: the overall victory secured Alex Sqarzoni Carlo (ITA).

See all the posts about BettiMoto and the history of electric motorcycle racing here.



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