History- Electric Racing ca 2003 (video)

Thanks to our friends at Motoelettriche, we can have a look at what electric racing was like back in 2003.  I’m trying to find the names of the madmen you see here, if you can give me any information I’ll gladly update with anything I get.  Again, forgive my stab at translation…  and if you can help me out, please dive in!

First, 3 minutes of coolness:  “Excerpt from the race- Brescia, 2003- is valid for the Italian championship and world. Race won by me, the strangest I’ve ever run … I’m the one with the bike No. 5 ….  excuse me but is shooting a home movie.” (See comment below, this is Simone Baldini, Team BettiMoto.)

Next, “extracted from the regional transmission”.  Not sure if that means it was covered by a local TV station or magazine, but I love the crash- you can see the battery pack, what appears to be some bigass lead batteries.  Ah yes…  indeed: “Padina Marcelo tells what happened in race one of his broadcasts.  Electric motorcycle race, Brescia 2003 is valid for the Italian league for the championship.”

Finally, the podium. “Even today, since 2003, seeing this video I still get emotional …”

The funny thing is…  a bunch of us have been talking about getting together for some sort of rally…  DIY builders, guys we know from some of the groups we’re on, and as we discuss it, it is starting to look just like this.   Maybe a bunch of ya-hoos swapping lies and racing bikes, maybe the start of electric club racing in the US?

For sure, these guys are an inspiration.

See all the posts about BettiMoto and the history of electric motorcycle racing here.


2 responses to “History- Electric Racing ca 2003 (video)

  1. This race was won by Simone Baldini rider number 5 owner of canal youtube!
    The transmission was a regional TV broadcast and the conductor follows for many years the electric mobility now is the founder of this site http://www.electricmotornews.com/

    All these championships have been conducted by the Federation internationale de L’Automobile = FIA .

  2. Nicolini & Thomas betti crash the race continued by Baldini 1) Cedrini 2 ) Nicolini 3) Thomas Betti 4) ) Andreani 5).
    Attilio Cesarini win the race One! Simone Baldini win the race two! Simone Baldini win the mix race and Luciano betti is first in the classification!

    Podium : first at left Angelo Andreani / Simone Baldini / Luca Nicolini Fourth


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