History- The First Electric Motorcycle Races (hint: not TTXGP)

Think TTXGP is the first ever electric motorcycle race?  Think Azhar is the Grand(or God)father of Electric Motorcycle Racing?  Well, kids, pull up a stool and let Uncle Teddy give you a little history lesson.  In spite of what the fanboys like to think (and say, well, repeatedly), TTXGP was predated by about a decade.

Just the slightest bit of research will get you this press release from 2010, posted on ElMoto, where you can read:

Thomas Betti, e-Power Champion commented, “It was a historic championship, and we found little improvements every race which gave us the possibility to win. Electric motorcycle racing is not new… we’ve been competing in various racing series since 1999 and have won 8 championships, but the learning curve is so fast that from one race to the next you can make so many steps forward.

What’s that?  1999 you say?

A little more searching and you get to this page- the history of BettiMoto.  Slightly fractured translations aside, it’s pretty cool stuff.

It all started with a passion for motorcycles with engine heat, Betti Luciano team president, having had extensive experience as a driver of speed and as a manager and mechanic racing teams engaged in international championships, which is cross-speed track in ‘October 1998, came to the attention of the world championship of electric bikes, built as a joke in five months, the first bike dubbed “ECO”.  

No wait.  There’s more. Reports from 2000.  2001…  on through 2006 even.

Over eight years of competition Betti Moto Racing Team has won seven titles in a category and absolute FIA.
The result of such success can be attributed to the passion, the real driving force that has allowed to continue despite the difficulties and make a difference in a period where the electric motorcycle racing was not taken into account.

Stay tuned…  more to come.

See all the posts about BettiMoto and the history of electric motorcycle racing here.


5 responses to “History- The First Electric Motorcycle Races (hint: not TTXGP)

    • Really? Is that all that really matters? I happen to think that the pioneers who paved the way for the TTXGP matter too… nobody does this stuff in a vacuum, and one would be foolish to not pay respects to the people who’s shoulders you’re standing on. By the way, I firmly believe Azhar believes that too… he’s nothing if not deferential to the others who’ve made TTXGP possible.


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