Zero Motorcycles 2012 Launch (AWESOME Video)

Zero seems to be putting their money where their mouth is.  In an industry full of vaporware prototypes and renderings passing as real products, they’re releasing actual motorcycles.  Kickass motorcycles, to boot. AND a seriously lengthy video.  Asphalt and Rubber leaked some teases with some interesting details via the Bothan Spies. but here’s the real stuff on the Zero site.  I’m sure more will be coming out of the EICMA show.

Without further ado, the video:

Here’s the email:

Greetings from Zero Motorcycles,

We are proud to introduce our game changing 2012 electric motorcycle line. Without question, this is the largest step anyone has ever taken in production electric motorcycle technology.

Here are just a few of the incredible new features:

  • You can now ride up to 114 miles on a charge
  • Revolutionary new battery technology will allow you to travel up to 308,000 miles on the original power pack
  • All the street models let you ride without ever worrying about any routine powertrain maintenance (imagine that)
  • Regenerative braking to maximize your range
  • Top speeds of up to 88 mph and more power for each model
  • Sophisticated and striking new design elements that give the lineup a new look that will draw eyes and conversations where ever you go

With the high level of anticipated demand for our 2012 model line, we want to give you a head start in placing your pre-order with a dealer near you. To see exciting new videos, photos, read about the new features and to reserve a 2012 model, please visit our website at the link below:

The entire lineup will be hitting dealerships this February. However, if you’d like to make this an early holiday present by placing a pre-order, we can send you a little something to unwrap.

Enjoy the Ride,

Your Friends at Zero


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