TTXGP World Final at Anglesey, UK: Finals In (Photo)

Check back for updates, I’ll post them as I get ’em.  Here’s what I’ve got for the TTXGP World Final at Anglesey.

Via ARC EV Racing:

Untimed practice Sat AM-  Muench were very quick, Zongshen and us not far behind and the Mavizen bringing up the rear with Dave Hallet.

We did a few mods to our cooling system and noticed a string of cells lagging on charge so decided on a strip down to check things out and ensure we have full confidence. No fault found and the charge is coming up nice and balanced now, we did however miss final practice today.

Muench didn’t bother either due to a late running program and fading light.

Zongshen are down to one bike after a cell failed in bike no2. We were out with the ICE bikes earlier and put on a good show.

Weather was spot on too, nice and sunny. Its just started raining now but should be dry in the morning.

Expect 4 bikes on the grid. Qual at 0940 in the morning, more news then.

Hopefully we’ll get photos later on.  Sounds like a great weekend!

Update: Here are the tweets for today from TTXGP, in chronological order:

  • Himmelman leading by 21.4 seconds, into 7th lap
  • 74.6 speed mph for Matthias compared to Jenny Tinmouth last years time of 68.955
  • Muench racing are nearly 4 seconds faster than Zongshen
  • Last lap…
  • Its all over, Himmelman, Fung, Welsh and Hallet…
  • Last lap was the fastest for Himmelman at 139m31 speed of 76.12mph
Finally, a PHOTO!
TTXGP World Champions 2011. Muench Racing


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