The R5e Hits the Road!

Phase One is complete.  After almost a year of restoration, development and fabrication the R5e took to the show circuits last week to spread the Word: Electric Motorcycles Aren’t Boring!

This weekend we’re joining the National Plug In Day by doing our part up in Concord New Hampshire, check out the details here.  There’s more to come, check back for the official schedule…  Come see the R5e in person, and take a spin on your first electric roadracing motorcycle!

Want to help us out?  Click the Donate button to use your credit card or Paypal account to keep us rolling!

THANKS for your support… and hope to see you soon!


2 responses to “The R5e Hits the Road!

  1. Hi Ted,
    Thanks for bringing the bike to Marlboro. I am Rob Lassen and you let me ride it today (Sunday).
    I did not realize you last name was Dillard. Now I have to ask is your father Ted too? Did he photogragh my parents wedding? Bob and Corky (Peel) Lassen.

    • OH! MY! GOD!

      OF COURSE! Ted is my Dad, Bob and Corky, and Professor Peel are absolute legends in my childhood memories! We MUST get together… thanks so much for the note!


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