Catavolt Wins First-Ever Australian Electric M/C Championship

Heading out the door to the Green Day at Larz Anderson, but Jon just sent me this and I wanted to get it up:

Newcastle’s Team Catavolt is proud to announce that they are the outright winners of the first Electric motorcycle championship to be conducted in Australia.

The series, known as Electric Formula Xtreme Championship (EFXC), was run over three rounds at Eastern Creek, Winton & Wakefield Racing Circuits and included the same three competitor’s at all three rounds.

Catavolt entered the final round at Goulburn’s Wakefield Park with the championship lead and with two races to be run over the weekend, any of the three competitors were a chance of taking the championship.

The riders were greeted with a damp qualifying on Saturday morning which unfortunately saw the Voltron entry go down on a greasy and very slippery track.  The other two entries of Catavolt and Ripperton tippy toed their way around the circuit and it was Catavolt that ended up with pole position with a time of 1min32sec.

By race time around midday, the track had dried and although still cool, race 1 was run in dry conditions.  After leading the race for the first 5 laps, Catavolt rider Jason Morris eventually brought the bike home in second place behind Daniel Sailer on the Ripperton bike with the Voltron’s Chris Jones limping home in third after running the race on half of his usual power due to damage suffered in his qualifying crash.

Catavolt’s second place in race 1 was enough to secure the overall championship win for them with one race still be run on Sunday.

But Sundays race didn’t eventuate as during race 1 on Saturday, the other two entries both suffered irrevocable damage to their machines and were forced to withdraw, leaving Catavolt as the last bike standing.

It was decided that as the race could not take place on Sunday that Catavolt’s rider Jason Morris would turn some exhibition laps and attempt to claim the circuit record for electric bikes. The record had been set in Saturday’s race by Rippertons Daniel Sailer, a time of 1min21.6 sec.

To end a perfect weekend for Catavolt, Jason was able to set a new circuit record for electric bikes with a time of 1min19.5 sec, Improving the previous record by over a second and amazingly beating their previous testing time by over 10 seconds.

Team Catavolt owner and builder, Jon Eggenhuizen was thrilled with the championship results and pleased to see that his rider combined with the non-conventional hub drive motor proved to be reliable championship winning material.

The Team Catavolt Electric racing motorcycle would not have been able to compete if it wasn’t for the generosity of their sponsors, most notably the hub motor supplier Enertrac.

Team Catavolt, Jon & Jason would like to thank their sponsors Enertrac, NHP, M2R Helmets, ,  Electric Parts ,R&R Steel Fabrication ,True Solar Time ,Which Bike, Applied Measurement,Batrium Tech and EKEN Power Bands for their generous support and they look forward to returning next year to defend their title with number 1 on the bike.

Video and Pictures to be posted soon


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