Buckeye Electric Motorcycle Race Team at the ECTA

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Sean Ewing sent this over to me yesterday, the Buckeye Team trucked on down to the ECTA this weekend to run their sincerely badass nasty MV Augusta.

The results are here, on the ECTA site at the bottom:

9849 APS/O Buckeye Electric Motorcycle Race Team Jennifer Holt Sep-11 112.349

…unfortunately, they had some trouble delivering the torque they needed to hit the speeds they were hoping for, but a great effort by a great team. It sounds like controller issues…  but stay tuned.

Here are the specs on the bike:

784 Li-Po cells
35Ah 460 VDC charged
Remy HVH250
Tritium WaveSculptor 200
MV Agusta F4 donor

The ECTA Maxton event has an interesting history- an East Coast Bonneville.  Read more about it here, on the ECTA About Us page.

OK, don’t nobody tell my Editor I’m not working on her story, kthxBye.


This just in from Sean:

To all,

First off, I would like to congratulate the team and specifically the
team members that were able to come to Maxton. It was an amazing
experience that I hope we can continue many more time in the future.

So Thursday, the 9 of us packed up and left late in the night. We all
arrived around noon on Friday and began unpacking. Everything went
relatively smoothly with tech inspection and paperwork and we called
it a night.

Saturday we raced! We knew we were having torque issues before even
going out to Maxton, so we unfortunately knew we could not hit our top
speed. Our first run was 108mph, Joe Ball maxxed out the speed
probably halfway down the course. Not bad for a first run, given our
torque issues. This was a record for us! We modified gearing and some
motor controller values and went again later that day. We only did
90mph on that pass. So, overall not a bad day for the team. We got a
record and knew what we wanted to change next.

Sunday, we took the motorcycle out again with different gearing. This
time, Jenn made a 112mph pass WITH headwinds. Damn good in my mind. We
tried a second run but the course shut down early.

Not a bad weekend at all in my mind given our bugs in the motor
controller. We can continue to iron those issues out and continue to
improve our record.

Great job everyone,
Sean Ewing

P.S. Please congratulate Mr. Joe Ball as the idea man for this event
and our teams' FIRST record holder and Ms. Jenn Holt as our current
record holder and both got their licenses to go >150mph at any ECTA
event. Kudos to everyone!

P.S.S. Press releases and photo are being put together right now.

Buckeye Electric Motorcycle Race Team,
"Let’s win these races for Ryan!!" - L.W.
Team Leader and Co-founder
The Ohio State University


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