The Electric Gardener: Lindentree Farm Lincoln and the Electric Tractor

My buddy Jon Chomitz sent over these shots from Lindentree Farm, in Lincoln, MA.  I’ve sent off an email asking for info, but here’s what I’ve got.

Looks like a 48V flooded lead acid rig from maybe a forklift or a golf cart…  definitely an Alltrax controller.  Looks like the motor is inside the little red box.

Update: Spoke with the farmer who built it, Ari, and he found everything he needed at the Flying Beet, here.  It’s an Allis Chalmers G, and apparently there’s quite a cult of them growing in all parts…  100 plus, by the Flying Beet’s count. Here’s a pretty hysterical video featuring the tractor:

Here’s the Niekamp Tool Company Electric G page, too.

…more to come!



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