Moto Electra Racing Makes 2nd in TTXGP Points for 2011

Just got this from Betty, at my favortie, Team Moto Electra:

What a season it has been – 2 trips to California and now finishing up in Utah. Brian reports that Thad finished today’s race with only 25% left in the battery – used up more battery than ever before, but the bike ran very consistent and the engine ran cool!

By the last lap, Team electra was within 20 yards of Brammo – the bike that took 3rd in today’s race.

JMU team member Rob Prins didn’t make this race, for a really fun reason – -the newest member of Moto-Electra Team arrived last week — baby Jack! Can’t wait to meet him – congrats to the new family!

Reports from the team in Utah sounded happy and I think we’ll have some really fun pictures to share in the near future.

Below is a pic of our own # 37 from the Miller Motosports homepage – thanks Rob for pointing that out to me!


Great stuff, and to the team that made it to more TTXGP races than anybody else: Team Moto Electra!  Can’t wait to see what comes out of the Sheep Barn next Spring!



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