The Rise of the E-Bike: A Conversion (Bike, and Rider)

FUN stuff!  I just ushered a new EVangelist into the world!

I can’t show much, since it’s for a story for Home Power due out in a month or so, but I just put a DIY on converting an bike to an e-bike, and did the conversion for my friend Peg.  Here’s a peek:

…pretty li’l thing, ain’t it?  Well, just saw this on her FB page:

“Well today was the beginning of a new era. A greener less fossil fuel based way of traveling for short trips and fun and exercise. E bikes: the future is here. And I’m a tired happy Ebiker.”

This thing ain’t nothin’ but fun.  I could hardly get off of it to give it to her, and everybody who rode it was giggling.  Maybe there’s something to this e-bike thing, you think?



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