KillaCycle Aims for Land Speed Record (Motorcycle) Final Prep

It’s coming down to the wire, and the KillaCycle team is tidying up some details in their bid for LSR.  See their updates here, on their Facebook page.  REALLY pretty bodywork this year, and it seems like they’ve kicked the effort to another level…

It sounds like the salt is a little rough, and vibration and such is a big problem for everybody.  (Yates apparently lost a bit of control and hit a pylon at 198mph.)  “Did some tweaking with tire pressure, firmed up the adjustable shocks and added some more padding inside the roll cage. Took it out for a new test run behind the pits and it worked much better. Head is still shaking, but not banging like before.”

Check out their galleries for some great shots…  including this shot of John Rennwick, streamliner sidecar builder and rider from UK, with (hopefully tight-lipped) co-pilot Bonnie V. Flats.




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