Dept of Holy Crap! Killacycle Joins Mavizen as CTO(s?)

(photo: Michael Cooper)

Just got this from Azhar:

Electric motorsport legend joins Mavizen as CTO and aims to break a combustion engine land speed record with electric

We are proud to announce that the world-class team of Bill Dube’ and Eva Håkansson of Killacycle Racing have joined Mavizen as partners and participants in building the next generation of motorsports.

Bill Dube and Eva Håkansson have carved reputations in the electric vehicle motorsport having pioneered many of the systems and methods that are being used in motorsports today.

Bill Dube electric motorsport career spans almost 20 years and includes:

–       First electric drag bike to go 150+

–       First electric motorbike to go 0-60 in under 1 sec

–       National Technical Director; for the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) for over 10 years

–       Wrote the technical rules book on electric drag racing (now used by the FIM)

–       Designed the battery pack for a leading TTXGP Championship winning team

–       Leading consultant for electric racing teams across the world

Eva Håkansson has rapidly created an impact on the sport as both a rider and an engineer.

–       She was the first rider to conquer Pikes Peak on an electric motorcycle she built

–       Published author of “The Hybrid Car – the Future is Here”

–       Eva is a consultant to Govt and Industry on electric vehicle policy and technology

–       Build the first electric land speed streamliner motorcycle

Together they bring to Mavizen world leading knowledge and experience built from motorsport and applicable beyond the track. They will oversee product development and key technology partnerships as well as customer support; and forming essential members of the TTXGP motorsport eco system.

Commenting on the role Dube said,

“Being an early pioneer is never easy, but I feel with Mavizen we have the opportunity to really help companies who want to be at the cutting edge of EV technology

Eva and I can design and build practically anything electric-powered, and with Mavizen we have a credible outlet to bring the best and safest products to the market. I have learnt a lot about battery technology and electric power trains over many years; constantly pushing technology to the limits, and am really looking forward to using this experience to helping motorsport teams across the globe.

We are very proud that Bill and Eva have joined Mavizen. They bring a wealth of unique experience; talent and energy to our mission to be part of the next generation of motorsport.”

“We are charged that Bill and Eva have joined the team. They will help us build a world leading business and remain at the forefront of innovation support TTXGP and beyond.  Given their expertise in A123 technology and our distribution relationship, we have already felt the enormous contribution these dynamic individuals can make in a short period of time and am looking forward to working with them for many years to come” commented founder and CEO of Mavizen, Azhar Hussain.

Bill and Eva are about to take part in the FIM/AMA BUB Speed Trials with the Killajoule. The KillaJoule will attempt to exceed the overall land speed record with a motorcycle plus sidecar.  If successful, this will be the first time in over a century that electric has taken the overall land speed world record in a vehicle category.   The Trials take part at Bonneville Aug/26 through to Sept 1. The drive train from the speed trials will be available to TTXGP teams for the 2012 season.

For more information please contact

About Mavizen:

Mavizen is a premier technology supplier to the electric motorsport industry.  It supplies motorsport, marine and premium lifestyle electric power train components and consultancy.

Mavizen also supports the TTXGP World Championship in having access to the very best technology and expertise.  Mavizen has already set its self apart as an industry leader having launched the world’s first Supersports electric bike, the TTX02. Mavizen is a leading distributor and system integrator of A123 Systems Inc.

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