Who’s Hotter? Shelina Moreda, or Brammo Babes?

Yes, bitches.  It’s once again time for the Post-Laguna-Who’s-Hotter?-Poll.  So bring it.

This year we have the Most AWESOMELY HOT Shelina Moreda, of She’Z Racing, and pilot of the Italian CRP Racing bike.  (First time ever on an electric race bike, mind you…)  Annnnnd, the Brammo Babes!

The Brammo Babes…  well, what can I say?  There’s not much known about them, other than their first names, but there they are in all their yummyness.  Rebekah, Danielle, Maya and Raquel…


Here’s my report from my bitch-on-site:

Shelina is not just great looking, she is sweet and funny and girl-next-door approachable. I spoke to her on the first day of practice as she was braiding her hair getting ready to head out to the track. I asked her if she had had much time on the CRP bike. “Well, I got to sit on it the first time, this morning.” Until practice, then, she’d never twisted the throttle on an electric bike.

After the big race, I asked her for an autographed photo for my daughter. … The autograph says: “Shelina Moreda – Hi Francesca – Ride it like you stole it”


Sigh, indeed.  But I don’t want to influence your vote for Shelina.  Make up your own mind.

More on Shelina here.  And don’t miss the interview video on women in racing.

6 responses to “Who’s Hotter? Shelina Moreda, or Brammo Babes?

  1. Shelina was awesome. While the Brammo babes were good at what they did — bring people over to the Brammo tent and pose for pics — Shelina was the total electric ambassador in the paddocks, taking time to answer the questions of the many passers by with an infectious exuberance. She was also great at posing for pictures.

    I give you exhibit #A. http://green.autoblog.com/photos/ttxgp-fim-e-power-paddocks-at-laguna-seca-on-qualifying-day/full/#4326322

  2. I DEFINITELY vote Shelina too! She’s AMAZING! I mean, how can you beat gorgeous AND sweet AND an amazing racer?!

  3. this is the best thing ever as i would have to say that shelina is going to get the votes cuz she is way hotter then ne fake girl that think they know nething bout something other then what they r bn paid for my vote shelina


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