Crazy-Ass Onboard Isle of Man Two-Bike MotoCzysz Video (Asphalt and Rubber)

Serves me right for saying there’s nothing more to say.  Apparently MotoCzysz is setting up a Youtube channel and we’ll be seeing this, and some other videos posted.

OK, here’s the background, if you’re at all interested in why this post is completely unreadable.

First, Asphalt and Rubber posted this awesome video on their YouTube channel.  It went nuts, everyone was tweeting about it.  Then it got taken down from the A&R site, and from the channel.  Then I got pissed at both the tease, and the fact that MotoCzysz asked them to take it down, MotoCzysz doesn’t have a site that allows video embedding, and that MotoCzysz is kind of silly enough to stop a great little clip from going as close to viral as anything I’ve seen coming out of electric motorcycling.  Seemed kind of dumb.  Still does.

(Why post it if you don’t want it to be seen and passed on?  Why try to control it?  It’s already out of control.  Why not just let go and enjoy the ride?  Somebody doesn’t understand the interwebs very well…)

Then.  The internets started humming.  I’m assured that MotoCzysz and A&R are all cozy as kittens.  It was just some “copyright issues”.  (If the video has copyright issues, they have no business posting it anywhere, at all.)  Yet it appears on Hell for Leather, blah blah blah.  What EVER.

I’m really sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings.  Who knew you all were such a sensitive bunch of guys?  I guess now isn’t a great time to tell you what I think of the white boots?  The words “hate” and “rant” were used to describe my post.  Dudes.  All of you.  If you think I hate MotoCzysz, and that was a rant, you clearly have to read more of my work.  That was foreplay.

If you’re interested, and if you are I have nothing but pity for your boring life, here’s what’s left of the previous posting, with a few things hateful and rant-like removed:

…there’s really nothing more to say:

Well.  There would be nothing more to say except apparently MotoCzysz told A&R to take their version of the video down.  So the only one is on the MotoCzysz page.  Which I can’t embed, and nobody else can either.  Way to nip a viral video in the bud, guys.  Good work.

Because Jensen works his ass off, I’ll link him here.  Here’s the story: Asphalt and Rubber story here.


One response to “Crazy-Ass Onboard Isle of Man Two-Bike MotoCzysz Video (Asphalt and Rubber)

  1. Yeah, I stripped the original (old) “Charge – The Movie” trailer from Mark Neale’s website and put it up on my YouTube channel. I was naughty. After I did it, I asked for forgiveness (instead of for permission) and he was a bit unhappy, but he allowed it to stay up until recently. I mention this only because Neale cc’d Czysz on his emails to me about the video. I don’t understand why he wants people to go to his site. There’s just not very much to look at there. And nothing income-generating on the main page, either. If I were him, I’d at least put a Segway link…kind of like your Amsoil banner.


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