Dept of Watching Grass Grow: Testing the Turnigy

The primary purpose of testing the Turnigy lipo packs, at least so I’ve been told, is to determine how each cell “drops off”, or, how the voltage decreases as the cell discharges, near the minimum charge level.  If a cell gets to a point and drops off too rapidly, you have a bad cell, and thus a bad pack.  That can make it build up heat, which, especially for lipo, is a very Bad Thing.

The charger I’m running is the Turnigy 150W unit shown above.  I’m setting it up to discharge the packs, and it’s showing a 5amp discharge setting but is averaging a little over 1.5amps actual discharge.  For a fully charged pack it takes about 2 hours to go from 4.18V to 3.7, or so, and then it hits the time limit.  I’ve hit it for another discharge cycle, and we’ll see where that brings my voltage, but ideally I’d like to get it down to nearly the safe minimum- probably around 3-3.2V.

I’d really like to get this all done by August 14th, for a show I’d like to run it in…  but we’ll see.  This is one process I don’t think it’s safe to rush.

On another note, the power supply I ordered was for a computer peripheral, at around $10.  Rated at 12V and 6amps, I thought it would do the trick, but no.  After a few minutes it just cuts out.  Right now I’m just running the charger off of my big scooter batteries and it’s going fine, but that’s definitely something that I need to tend to.


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