The LiPo Project… The Connector Strategy

I’ve decided how I’m going to wire these babies up.  Because the Turnigy charger is so cool, and reads out the cell status for each individual cell, I’m not going to be cutting and hard-wiring the packs together because I want to be able to pull individual packs out and let the charger balance them one at a time.  So.

On the balance leads, I’m setting up a circuit board using a simple test board to hold 4 of these suckers.  They are from Digikey, the JST B5B-XH-A.

Then I’m going to make the power feed pigtails using these slick bullet connectors from HobbyKing.  Reports are that they’re a total PIA to assemble, but they’re awesome, so I’m going to give it a shot.  They can be found here, at HobbyKing

Once I have all five modules together, I”ve ordered some 10″ wide shrink tubing to hold each module together.

The catch is, I have to go back to the battery mount on the bike and make room for one more module.  These are only slightly smaller than the 6s packs I was planning for, so 16 fit perfectly.  20, not so much.

The 10″ wide shrink tube I got from, along with the little JST-XH 5-conductor pigtails that are going to the PC board.



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