Mission Motors: TTXGP Payoff, Patience, and Pink Mohawks

Mission Motors.  Home of the Hot Mission Chick.  Quietly working away on god-knows-what.  Showing up, when they do show up, with simply the hottest looking bikes on the planet – not fake star-wars concept renderings with form dictating function, but not really running yet either…  pretty much ignoring critics who are starting to joke that they would never see a Mission in a race, and quietly staying the course.

One thing was for sure.  When they did actually show up for a race with a bike that ran, they damn well better make a good showing of it.  As I told my son when he dyed his mohawk pink for his first wrestling match, you better kick some serious ass.  (3 matches, 3 pins, thank you very much…)

Well, yesterday, Mission kicked some serious ass. And I just want to say thank you.

Maybe I’m not paying attention, but to me, Mission hasn’t been on the radar much.  But, they’ve shown the wisdom of preparation and perseverance in an age and industry where everyone wants instant results.  Well, folks, it takes time to develop a state-of-the-art brand new drivetrain technology, and some teams are out there putting it all on the line for all to see, learning as they go, failures along with successes.  Nothing wrong with that.  Then there are others, Mission for one, who are sitting back, conserving their resources, looking at what everyone is doing, and learning from the others.  You gotta love that, too.

In an industry where every other press release is some vaporware concept that touts impossible performance, and companies who seem to care more about attracting investors than building a company, the idea that you need to take one step at a time, and deliver on your promises seems oddly refreshing.

Mission, for me, was one of the first companies who really “got” the electric motorcycle and why I thought it was so amazing.  It’s not the Green.  It’s the Power.  And this video tells that story as simply as I’ve been able to find it told.


(See the original here: http://vimeo.com/6952429)

I show it to everyone, and I only wish it was on YouTube so I didn’t have to snag it myself.  (WordPress doesn’t seem to like to embed Vimeo…)

So I give Mission, along with the KillaCycle, credit for dragging me into this obsession by showing what the thing is all about.  Strapping myself to a big electric drivetrain and seeing what that felt like.  (…like letting go from a bungee stretched from about a mile away, thanks.)  I’ve been sitting, waiting to see what Mission was going to do, what they were up to, and if they ever were going to shut the critics up.  This morning, I don’t hear much in the way of whining. Not only is the electric racing fanboy community all a-twitter, but the gas motorsport guys have sat up and taken notice too.

Good work, guys.



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