The Electric Chronicles Nears 500 Posts (TOC)

Woah.  I do go on, don’t I?  Well, the one thing that I find a little lacking on the WordPress is some sort of coherent Table of Contents.  Hell, if I can’t find something, how the hell is anyone else gonna?  So here’s the list, sorted alphabetically, of all the posts to date.  Sorry I couldn’t add links, but just use the “Search” feature to find what you’re looking for.

…a nice way to start the morning!
…did I spy with my eye? Brammo controller?
…from Fossils to Flux is LIVE!
“One idiot, 3800 miles ..”
“…when do you cease to be a CEO and become a Grandfather?”
“Fully Charged” pilot show…
“In Situ” Testing of Hall Sensors
“Magnetic Cogging” explained…
“The Future of Motorcycles” Survey
@BrammoBrian on NBC. Truly… an inspiration.
@ShockingBarack …what’s the Plan?
12V electrics up and running
1971 Yamaha R5 parts for sale
2009 Isle of Man TTXGP
2011 IOM TTZero: Update from Lightning
3 Riders Speak Out on the Electric Ride
A 1958 Porshe EV conversion makes CSI
a Brammo Enertia in the garage…
a long strange trip…
A sad weekend… a tribute to Steph.
a short 9 months…
A Short Primer on the History of the Etek Motor, and Other Tales
a simple man, with simple pleasures… (72V)
A123 Hooks up with Mavizen, TTXGP
Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program- DOE
Agni Motors
All Electronics
aluminum welding with mapp gas- Make Online
AMA, VIR Catfight, TTXGP Caught in Middle
An Empty Canvas, a Clean Page, a Blank Slate
and this, to Nathan with best wishes on his trip!
Aptera, and a little change of route…
Australian TTXGP Video from
Awesome Anderson Powerpole Connector Video
Awesome Crimp Tool
Awesome Electric Motorcycle TCO Calculator
awesome Mission Motors wheelies
awesome SECRET sprocket formula REVEALED
Awesome Sprocket Calculator
Awesomely Awesome Yamaha R5 Site
Axial vs. Radial air gap motors
Azhar Hussain Awarded MBE in the Queen’s Birthday 2011 Honours List
Azhar Hussain on MOTORCYCLIST RADIO By Steve Natt
Azhar Hussain, women in motorsports, and the TTXGP
Azhar on Motorcyclist Radio – Draft
back to the Perm 132… – Draft
batteries- Boston Power and Saab
batteries: YES.
Battery 500 Project
Battery answers
Battery answers- calcualted out to 72V, 55AHr
Battery compartments/fairing mockups
Battery Connections
Battery holder for Dewalt DC9360 eBike
BattleBots: Witch doctor v Pandemonium (Bots IQ 2011)
Ben’s Electric Motocycle
Bertrand Piccard’s solar-powered adventure- a model for vision and adventure
Best Buy Bags Brammo, EV Market
Best Buy committed to EV dev.- leading with, but not only Brammo
Best Buy to Sell Green Vehicles- via WSJ
Bigass Hub Motors- Part 1: Protean
BionX Sony Lithium Manganese battery
Blowing Things Up Friday- Lithium Battery Tests
Book Comes In, Asphalt and Rubber Quotes!
Book Gets Title, Cover!
Book Review: Electric Vehicle Technology Explained- James Larminie, John Lowry
Boston Chapter of EAA forming?
Boston: The City of Innovation… ?
Brake Bleeding Cure!
Brammo announces Naked Streetfigher, Ted is played like a fish.
Brammo boys on NBC
Brammo boys- “Under-promise, over-deliver…”
Brammo Build Video
Brammo Develops Flux Capacitor! (spy photos)
Brammo Empulse Updated Motor Guesses
Brammo Enertia on the TEEVEE News!
Brammo Enertia Plus – Twice the Range – 80 miles/ 126 km
Brammo Enertia vs. Route 128 commute
Brammo Enertia vs. Route 128 commute? One word. CAKE.
Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Part 1: The Spec Battle
Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Part 2: The Matchup
Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Part 3: Documentation (Brammo)
Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Part 3: Documentation (intro)
Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Part 3: Documentation (Zero)
Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Part 4: The Ride-(Enertia)
Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Part 4: The Ride-rider position
Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Scorecard
Brammo gets $12 million
Brammo in DC- LA Times tells a little more of the story…
Brammo looks for way to “spread the word”, Ted has an idea…
Brammo’s “Secret Sauce” and the Empulse
BrammoBabes? Chelsea? Step Aside! ZOE in da HOUSE!
Buckeye Bullet 2.5 claims battery EV WLSR of 307.7mph
Build Progress- Tank Takes Shape
Builder Profile: David Lance Twomey and the Juicer
building a motorcycle… some inspiration.
CAD for Mac? TurboCAD!
CAD magic!
Calculation sources…
campin’ with the electric bike… sneakin’ up on deers.
Catavolt Makes First Run with Enertrac
Cedric Lynch. I love this man.
Center of Gravity measurer thingy
Chains and Sprockets- Maintenance
chargin up li’l Sparky for the run to see Obama at MIT
Charging Stations of the World (Interactive Map)
Charging Stations of the World (No, Really!)
Charging Stations Part 2. (There’s an App for That.)
Chelsea Sexton- more hotness.
Chip Yates Results?
Chip Yates, SWIGZ bike, Awesome awesomeness.
Comments on VIR, AMA: Racerboy
Confessions of a Flux Junkie
contemplating the next project…
Cool Tools- Essentials for the Builder
Copper Tube Bus Bar Idea
Cordless Charging at Google a New Idea? (hint: NO)
Craig Bramscher: Transportation 2.0
Crystalyte Conversion Kits
Current Motor Company, Scooters, and The Rise of Electric Vehicles
Dancing Guy and Lessons on Starting a Movement
Database of State Energy Incentives
Deal, bitches! I am number 2000! @BrammoCraig – Draft
Dear Ted, Can the Enertia handle my commuting needs?
Dept of Great Sadness: TTXGP Pulled From Louden
Dept. of Playing to Your Strong Suit: Rolls Royce and Electric Luxury
Design Notes: A Vision (1972 Yamaha TR3)
Design Notes: Awesome Cafe Tanks
Design Notes: Honda CR216 Vintage Road Racer
dirt cheap batteries, utility? 18 mile range?
Dispelling Four Myths about Electric Motorcycles
Diversion- New Toy: “Surfing Electric Scooter”
DIY hand brake (for bending, not stopping)
Do Synthetic Lubes = Green Lubes?
Domain and email set up!
Drew Barrymore and the Ford Electric rally car! wooHOO!
eBike Kit Suppliers via Electrically Enhanced Bikes
Electric Drag Racing- the good, the bad…
Electric Dreams – first ride impressions of the TTX01 electric superbike via Giz
Electric Motorsport GPR-S
Electric Super Cub. YES.
Electric Unicycle: i can haz?
Electricity rates- US Energy Info Admin
electriKAT makes the TV News!
ElectroVelocity looks for writers w/o pay, me too!
ElMoto is WHAT???
email from 2006:
Emergency Cutoff Switches- via
Enertia at 60mph vs 50mph- range/consumption test
Enertia bikes
EnerTrac Tampers With Space and Time
EnerTrac/ZEV/Kelly – the Hub Motor Spec Matchup
Estimating Solar: ROI, SREC, COI, (LMNOP)
EVERYbody’s gettin into the act. Seimens, OCC too?
Everything Old is New Again Dept: Monoshocks
Facebook Group to send a message to Obama: Meet our Boys!
FearLess Q + A answers Question of the Decade: Did Your Butt Hurt?
Feature: Electric Bikes of New England
Figuring the Gear Ratio
final colors. for this week anyway.
final fairing?
first good ride yay yay yay!
First Peek from TTXGP Infineon
First Sanctioned Electric vs. Gas Motorcycle Race: Norton Electra!
First Spin-up!
First Youtube video- slideshow of progress
Flux Capacitor
Follow the Build on Endless Sphere!
Follow this man! @BrammoCraig
Fossils to Flux is coming!
FREE Li Ion Chargers!
frodus Tests Batteries, The EV World Holds it’s Breath
Fund for Matt Dieckmann
Glossary of EV, Battery, Motor and General Electrical Terms
Go-Ped Factory Tour
Good News! Vectrix to (try to) stay in biz
great vid on how a BMS works
Green Job Search Advice: Paul Grana
Grounding the System
Hammarhead Volta, and BigAss ZEV hub motors
Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bicycle!
Happy Holidays! (A Sanity Clause…)
happy holidaze from crazy frog!
Happy New Year! my Plan for 2010… – Draft
HD drops Buell
Headway vs. Turnigy
Hell for Leather: the Amarok P1 and TTXGP
Help support The Electric Chronicles… – Draft
Help Support the Madness! Subscribe, Contribute
Henri the Painter
hmmm. New idea for route? Route 66, mebee?
Home Power Story: Personal Electric Vehicles (yeah, by ME!)
Hot German Chick, Muench Racing, Motor Fires, More Hot German Chick
How a Controller Works (so you can see)
How Many Forum Members Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?
how to sell a motorcycle.
How to Sell an Electric Motocycle (and other stories)
Hub Motor Hall Sensor Update
Hub Motor Repair- Fixing the Wires
Hub Motor Repair- How to Test Hall Sensors
Hub Motors- more, Kelly Controls package (FINAL Revision)
i can haz motor?
I need a plate…
I Spy, With My Eye: FOUR motors? Team Catavolt and 200mph
Identity of Super Secret Squirrel Revealed! (TTXGP)
if one hamster works, then how bout 3?
if one hamster works, then how bout 3? – Draft
Inside a Hub Motor
International Battery- NiCoMax
Interview: MotoElectra’s Brian Richardson (and History)
Interview: ZOE!
Introduction to Motors: Tesla
it RUNS!!!
Jake Saunders, EV madman, youngest EV builder I know.
Juiced makes the VIR news!
KillaCycle on the Salt
LA Times story on Todd and EMS- sah-wheeeet!
Lawless “Rocket” Electric Drag Bike Smokin’ Run
Lesson Learned. Get picked up by the AP. Congrats! @shockingbarack
Lightning at IOM TTZero: Tire Warmers, a Soldering Iron and a Second Tea Pot.
Lightning Is Alive at IOM: Richard Checks In
Links, References and Resources
LiPo Balance Connectors Revealed
Lithium-Ion Batteries Explained at The Robotics Institute
LittleMachineShop HiTorque Mini-Mill. (i can haz?)
LiveForPhysics’ Bike of Doom Takes ReFuel!
Long Weekend, Lots Accomplished!
lookin’ for love- Sponsors, anybody?
Loud pipes save lives?
loud pipes? hell no. ROCKET LAUNCHERS!
mail comes. box arrives. awesome awsomeness within.
mail comes. boxes arrive. MOST awesome awsomeness within.
Mars Electric Gets New Name- Keeps Green Energy Focus
Mars unveils Agni-killer!
massElectrics LAUNCH yo!
Massive Solar Spill Spreads Across Coast of Two Continents!
Mavizen and the DIY Race Bike program
Metal and Plastics Source-
Minibike (scooter conversion)
Mission One
Mission One Breaks World Speed Record
Mission One delays release, still has hottest biker chick
mmmm. controller.
mmmm. motor.
more answers… ROI
more batts and fairing
MORE Cool Tools!
more lists…
More on batteries- Elite Power Solutions’ LiFeMnPo4
More on Catavolt: Interview with Jon Eggenhuizen
More Shots from TTXGP Infineon!
morning run on my favorite stretch of road…
most AWESOME TTXGP VIR video award!
MotoCzysz frame
MotoCzysz Speaks on Racing
MotoElectra Packs for Laguna (photos)
MotoElectra Updates (from the Sheep Barn)
Motor Cooling Questions: ANSWERED.
Motors- EnerTrac Hub Motor
Mounting the Batteries
Mounting the Batteries- Part Two- Essentials
my 2 favorite quotes of 2010 so far…
My Enertia mod vs. Empulse (rider triangle)
My latest project…
My New Favorite Motor- LEM 200 D127 I can haz?
my sig on the Shocking Barack bike!
Nathan on the mend, makes Autopia
Need ’84 VF500F Interceptor partz?
Needless Markup sells Mission One in time for Chrimmas
New Addition to the Collection- the X-treme XB500
New Speed Record- Lightning, 166.388 mph (or so)
Next Stop: Isle of Man and the IOMTT SES TT Zero Race
no pictures, because…
Note to Self: Using Sandblasting to Polish Aluminum
Notes: Finishing Aluminum
Obama in Boston on Friday to talk energy
OCC and Seimens on Conan
October daydreams… Brammo at TTX GP
OFFICIAL Project Proposal – Draft
Open architecture, universal batteries, modular design and Unicorns
Order UP! (Ted Orders LiPo)
our FIRST place to sleep!
Part 1- the Build (the Major Motion Picture)
Peerbackers: Last Day! – Draft
Photoshoot in Maine- R5e Runs, and Photos
Photoshoot in Maine- teaser
Picking the Parts and Pieces- (decisions, decisions…)
pls RT- Santa Monica Ceremony for “End of Trail” (Route 66) Nov. 11
Powering VIR: TTXGP / Norton Electra at VIR via WTVR-TV CBS6
Predator (drag bike) on Dyno
Predator Drag Bike and the “Burnout with the Twins”
Programming an Alltrax controller
Progress Report- back to the drawing board, body parts and my new FAVORITE GUYS!
Progress Report: Instruments (brackets)
Progress Report: Memorial Day Rollout
Progress Report: The Details
Purdue, GM and GE and the Purdue EV Club Make Sweet Music
Quantya Announces New Scooter- vRone, Charging Stations- Electrant
Quantya Motorcycles
Quantya Sunday – Electric FUN!
R5, RD250, RD350, RD400 Swingarm Bushing Press
R5e Cafe Build Update: Tank Final, Seat and Tail Next
R5e Progress Report: Video
R5e Progress- Everything In!
R5e Weekend Progress Update
Racing a (n electric) Motorcycle- how much does it cost?
Re-Affirming the Dream- XC on an Electric MC (RT please!) – Draft
Reading List: Bottled Lightning
Real-world riding- from Brian, of Brammo
Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries
ReFuel 2011 (video)
Registering an Untitled Vehicle- AKA “Barn Find”
Reports From TTXGP Down Under via Tony Castley
ReStore Energy Systems? Anybody know anything?
Reverend Gadget? Yes. Reverend Gadget and the EMW
Review: Manzanita MK3 BMS- Conclusions
Review: Manzanita MK3 BMS, Part 1
Review: Manzanita MK3 BMS, Part 2- Intro and Documentation
Review: Manzanita MK3 BMS, Part 3- The Display
Review: Manzanita MK3 BMS, Part 4- The Board
Review: Manzanita MK3 BMS, Part 5- the SOC Head
Review: Manzanita MK3 BMS, Part 6- Component Matrix
righteous… and hopeful
Roehr eSuperbike sneak peek!
ROI for Solar with SREC, the KISS Approach
Safety, kickstand switches, and showing off… a little repost from ElMoto
Scwinn Electric Bikes
Secrets of the Universe- Part 2: Electrical Abbreviations and Capitalization
Secrets of the Universe: Yamaha R5 Front Brake Shoes
Senator Edward M. Kennedy, 1932 – 2009. Goodbye. And thank you…
Sensorless Controllers- (Dept. of Who Knew?)
SES TT Zero 2011 First Taste- Round One: Practice from Saturday
Shawn. Kicking butt: Lawless-OCC Dragbike
Shiny Bits and Sponsor Decals
Shocking Barack thanks Lil ol ME!
Shockng Barack- ride from Detroit to DC
Shop Skills: Starting Taps
Short Attention Span Theatre Presents: Jack Rickard and EVTV – Draft
site- Justin Gray
site: @evchels – awesome EV blog!
site: DopedBike- the Electric Bicycle Blog
site: EV Tradin Post
site: Green Transportation Examiner, David Herron
Site: Knucklebuster
site: Lightning Bolt- Land Speed Record
site: Phil Edwards, and Weald EVT
Site: The National Energy Education Development Project
Sky Cycle Salvage: FOUND!
Sneak Peek at EnerTrac TTXGP Motor!
Software: Electric Drive Train Simulator (EDTSim)
Solar panels
SolarCity and Rabobank Announce Corridor of Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Solid Ground (electric) T Shirts yo!
Some interesting answers…
Sparky Takes MIT- avoids unpleasantness with Security, no Obama Sightings
Spray Gun Basics
Stealth Electric Bikes
Stimulous money almost out. I can haz?
Studio shots
stuff I give Thanks for- motors fitting.
Stuff I’ve Learned- Batteries
Stuff I’ve Learned- Hub Motors
Stuff I’ve learned, decisions I’ve made…
Stuff I’ve learned, Part 2
Stuff I’ve Learned: Battery Management Systems
Stuff I’ve Learned: Buying a Rolling Chassis
Stuff I’ve Learned: Controllers, Contactors and Converters (oh my!)
Stuff I’ve Learned: Motor Cooling- again.
Subscribe to MAKE, help fund ev=MC2!
Switches Made Simple
tail section. yes. yes indeed.
Tank. Final. (for now)
Team MotoElectra Completed: Photos
Tease: Batteries
Tesla Chicago!
Tesla Road Trip- Texas already!
the “recycle” angle…
The Atraverda Bipolar VRLA (yes, lead-acid) Battery
The Battery Geek: SAFT Batteries
The Bikes of Japan
The Charger Choice
The Co-op Shop / VocTech Angle
The Controller Guts
The Corbin Electric Motorcycle
The Cushman Minute Miser
The e-superbike matchup- Tech Specs, Roehr, Mavizen, Empulse
The Electric Chonicles Reviews
The Electric Chronicles Has Sponsor!
The Electric Gardener – Part One
The Electric Gardener- Converting the Tiller
The Electric Gardener- Sunday Morning Chain Saws
The Electric Gardener, Continued: Amp Rider
The Electric Gardener: Part 3- The Solar Charge
The Electric Motorcycle as Evangelist: Peerbackers
The Elmoto v2.0 Data Sheet (Lennon Rodgers Upgrade)
The End of the (tires) Season
The ENV Motorcycle- Fuel Cells
The Fido Scooter from Fremont Motors
the final detail.
the Forums… and Travis Gintz
The Holy Grail- the Answer to the Secrets of the Universe
The Hurt Study
The Juicer eMotorBicycle
The Killacycle
The Kinetic Energy Cell
The lipo 4s1p Pack Wiring Plan
The Mission R- Nekkid!
The Modular Build
The modular/rackular concept…
the most beeeuuutiful sound in allll the whirrrlllllledd (controller wiring test)
The Motor Chart
The Motor Lineup- the Tried and True.
The Motor Mount
The neue motor
The Norton Electra in 2011: John Wild Joins Team Electra
The Perm PMG 132
The Podolefsky Curves
The R5 Electric – “r5e” – Plan
The R5e Progress Report
The R5e Progress Report: Color Tests
The right to ride, electric or no.
The Second Build- A Different Story
The Second Build- The More Things Change…
the Secrets of the Universe- KWh
the smelly bits…
The State of the Union, 2010- all about the energy
The Subject of the Weekend: Understanding the C-Rate
The Whole Foods Fuel Cell: How it Works
The Women of Superbike Racing…
The Zilla Story… Continues!
The, er “CURRENT” configuration list:
Thougths about regen from Brammo
ThunderSky Batteries
Tom Miceli and the Ion
Tony DANGER Coiro is My Hero
ToughMeters- Made in the USA
Tradition is Not a Business Model @electric_power
Transmissions: To Be, or Not To Be?
trouble a’brewin…
TTXGP Comes to New England!!!
TTXGP DVD yo! Don’t delay, order today!
TTxGP story on Wired
Tuck and Roll
Turkeyday Reading: Motley Fool and Electric Scooters
Turnigy 5000mAh 6S 25C Lipo Batteries. Awesomeness.
Turnigy Info on YouTube
Turtle Pond ride continued…
Uh. Yeah. How to Make a Harness (Dept of K.I.S.S.)
Ultra Motor A2B
um. yeah. bored, january in New England. seats.
Understanding Bi-Polar Battery Construction
Update from Brammo: Empulse Production, Transmissions?
Valence- Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate (LiFeMgPO4) Battery Modules
Vectrix 3-Wheel VX-3 Li+
Vectrix OCD- 2008 Milan Concept Superbike
Vectrix Relaunch is Real- Shows New VX-2 at Indy
Vectrix VX-2, the Background
Veloteq Demo Clearance!
Vetrix Chap 11?
Vetrix, right down in New Bedford, MA
Visualizing an Electric Motor Transmission
Water cooled motors…
Welcome to the Electric Chroncles!
What the EV Industry needs…
What we’re up against… (stupidity, or ignorance? Hard to tell.)
where it comes from, where it goes…
Who killed the electric motorcycle?
Who’s Hotter? Chelsea Sexton or the BrammoBabes?
Who’s hotter? Mission Chick or BrammoBabes?
Whole Foods: Leading the Charge on Renewable Energy
Why I’m doing this…
Wind Turbine Noise Pollution. Verdict? BULL$&!%
Wire Size, AWG and Funny Numbers
Wiring diagram
wiring the new Headway BMS for 72V
woah. The Peukert Effect
wow. just wow.
X-Rider Electric Motorcycle From Xtreme Green First to Receive EPA Cert
Yes We Can (haz electric bikes!)
youngest EV bike rider?
yup. trouble. nothin but trouble.
Z Electric Vehicle (ZEV) vs. Brammo, Zero?
Zero Carbon Transportation: The Solar Charge
Zero Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles on Jay Leno
Zero Motorcycles? Hello? Is this thing on? (tap tap tap) – Draft
ZEV says to Brammo, Zero: “Think Different”


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