The lipo 4s1p Pack Wiring Plan

Here we go…  the wiring diagram for putting together 20 4s packs.

One module:

The basic concept?  Everything is paralleled.  All the balance tabs, and all the main + – leads from the individual packs.  (NOTE:  You MUST make sure all the packs are fully charged and balanced before paralleling the balance leads, to avoid any severe current flow between unbalanced packs/cells.)

Then, you series the modules:

DISCLAIMER:  First, mostly all of this is from RemoteContact, AKA Adam Bercu.  He gives credit over to Endless Sphere, but I know for a fact he’s learned all this stuff himself, the hard way – by building such badass robots they won’t let him play in their sandbox anymore…  but that’s a tale for another day.

Second, lipo is dangerous, and you take anything I say here at YOUR OWN RISK.  If your lawyer thinks I have some deep pockets he can go after if you blow your silly ass up doing anything I say here…  well, your lawyer is delusional.  Do your homework.  I may be totally full of crap.

(edit: Please see the updated wiring plan here, due to me realizing that you have to charge through the main power leads.  Duh.)


2 responses to “The lipo 4s1p Pack Wiring Plan

    • The Turnigy pack is 4 cells in series, no parallel, so that is 4s1p. The module is 4s4p, you’re correct, but the entire pack is 20s4p once you string them together.


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