Order UP! (Ted Orders LiPo)

With all the last-minute drama of a B movie, the lipo is now on order.  All ready to take the check from my recent magazine story and turn it into lithium, I checked my account one last time before placing the order…  damned if it didn’t get tapped by an automatic payment, and springing a cool grand was gonna smart.  I scaled back to only one charger (no problem for the type of riding I’m planning…), I was down to around $800.  Then RemoteContact found these: the 20c 4s “hardcase pack” Turnigys.    On backorder.

Do I hold off on ordering until they get off backorder?  Do I order the 25C I was going for?  …or do I just place the damn order and wait…  Hell.  Just under $600 for the break into (hardcase) lipo?  Game over.

Next stop…  Ted’s Excellent LiPo Adventures!



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