Notes: Finishing Aluminum

Seems like every time I do this I have to figure out what works all over again…  well, here’s what works.  Now I just have to remember to look here first.

Step one: sanding disk on die grinder.  Takes out major surface marks and scratches, and removes paint and adhesives.

Step two: hand sanding with 150 grit sandpaper (one direction only).  Gives you a rough “brushed” finish.

Step three: wet hand sanding with 400 (one direction only)  Gives you a finer finish.

Step four: glass bead blasting.  Generally this will not remove all the “brushed” look, but it smooths and polishes the surface.

Step five: polishing compound with buffer.  Makes it shiny.

Step six: Wash with hot water and soap, then treat with AMSOIL Miracle Wash (waterless cleaning/polishing spray).  This cleans any aluminum dust and polishing compound, and the AMSOIL gives you a nice protective coating.



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