Azhar Hussain Awarded MBE in the Queen’s Birthday 2011 Honours List

Congrats Azhar!  (May we call you Az?)

From the TTXGP site:

Message from Azhar Hussain:

Dear TTXGP partners,

This weekend, as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honour List 2011, I have been awarded an MBE for services to motorsport.

However without your support, this leap for electric racing would not have been possible. It’s an incredible milestone for all of us.

It’s the first mainstream award for zero carbon motorsport, and given that we have only two seasons behind us, it symbolises the huge impact we have already made as well as the enormous potential of the industry. TTXGP has made a significant contribution to motorsport, and this honour from the Queen acknowledges it.

TTXGP could only have done this with the support and drive of the teams, tracks, suppliers, governments, partners, regulators, fans, riders, engineers, bloggers, press, trade bodies and many others. Nobody does the other thing by themselves, and creating this milestone in motorsport history was certainly no exception.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the incredible passion and dedication in creating the world leading electric motorsport series – the TTXGP eGrandPrix. At the moment when it mattered, you were awesome in delivering to a very sceptical world, the proof of the possible. Whatever it says on the list, the honour is shared with all of you.

New Day, New Rules, New Game. May we all continue to be part of it.





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