Dept of Great Sadness: TTXGP Pulled From Louden

The official news releases today: TTXGP is not appearing at Louden next week.  I got a call from Azhar explaining the situation, and all I can say is, if you’re having a bad day, which I was, you can be sure there’s going to be someone out there who’s having a worse one.

It was clear they’d been exhausting just about every avenue to keep the race happening, but the bottom line is that a number of teams pulled out, leaving them unable to “meet contractual obligations”.  Azhar cited a few teams having technical problems, and teams that were just not going to be able to get their bikes from the IOM this week to NH next week.

Two bright points, though.  There’s word that MotoElectra may be racing in an ICE class instead, which would be a simply awesome sight.  I’ve been tossing emails around, and as soon as I hear one thing or another I’ll post it up.  Also, Azhar is emphatic that TTXGP will be at Louden in 2012.

The grapevine has it that, about two weeks ago, (and my guess is, as a result of the small turnout at Infineon) there was discussion and concern about being able to field a race in New Hampshire.  At that point, the final message sent out to the teams and sponsors was, “it’s on”.  This recent development was a decision made only a few days ago, and you have to believe that the TTXGP was clinging to every last thread of hope to keep the race on the schedule.

I haven’t been able, nor am I really interested in learning what teams pulled out, or when they actually did, but, from where I sit, it’s a testament to the hard work of Azhar and the whole TTXGP effort, and an example of how difficult and complex the process is.  No doubt, with the egos and dollars at stake, you’re going to read all sorts of drama in the next few weeks…  but from where I sit, it’s a small bump in a very long, but exciting road.


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