2011 IOM TTZero: Update from Lightning

Just got this note from Richard Hatfield of Lightning.  Want to run a race bike?  Got Advil?

“We have been at the Isle of Man waiting for three days for our electric SuperBike to be released from Customs and delivered.  This morning the truck arrived with our bike and support gear, but no batteries.  We contacted the shipper and was told that the battery modules were still in London even though they had cleared customs on Wednesday. The shipper told us that only one ferry each week was authorized to carry hazardous goods and the next available deliver was next Wednesday the day of the race.  Our rider, John Burrows is very well respected and has extensive contacts on the Isle of Man.  When we told him that the cells may not be delivered in time for the race he made some calls and arranged for the cells to be delivered tomorrow.

As we were prepping the bike we discovered that the rear battery support frame had not been shipped.  I discussed the issue John Burrows and 1 hour later the aluminum to build the support frame was delivered and I was on my way to a home based machine shop to cut the piece on a Bridgeport.  The IOM TT is an amazing event unlike any other race in the world.  The racers, fans, and locals have been very supportive and beyond hospitable.  The Isle Of Man TT weeks should be on every enthusiasts bucket list.”

Richard Hatfield

…in the meantime, The MotoCzysz E1pc gets a showing on Hell for Leather, here.  SWEET!

As far as the IOMTT being on my bucket list…  uh, DUH!  It’s a great tribute though, and can’t wait to hear about the weekend’s runs!




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