Do Synthetic Lubes = Green Lubes?

Granted, one of the things that we love about electric vehicles is the fact that we’re not having to do oil changes and tuneups that an internal combustion engine demands, but still, you need to lubricate the machine.  Are synthetic lubes really better?  And…  more importantly, are they greener?  Here’s a little Q/A with Harry Rakfeldt, about how synthetic lubes, specifically AMSOIL synthetic lubes, fit into the renewable/sustainable energy picture.

First question.  Do synthetic lubes measure up?  Are they as good as oil-based products?

“The ‘best,’ most advanced oils are man-made synthetic hydrocarbon lubricants.

AMSOIL are certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant, premium synthetic lubricants, including industrial formulations, ultra-fine filtration products, and performance items, covering a broad spectrum of applications. From development to its proprietary blending, AMSOIL has no equal in the fields of automotive and industrial lubricants.

AMSOIL synthetic oils are inherently very energy-efficient, long-lasting fluids that improve equipment performance and reduce emissions (18%+). AMSOIL synthetics outperform conventional oils in all applications and excel because of three predominant characteristics:

  1. Significant reduction in friction and wear that helps equipment last longer and perform better
  2. Perform dependably at extended temperature extremes, reducing equipment failure
  3. Rigorous and lengthy in-use operation without chemical breakdown, significantly extends maintenance intervals”

Next. Aren’t synthetic lubes made from petrochemical processes?

“True synthetics are designed through precise molecular engineering (organic synthesis), using readily available organic chemicals such as weak organic acids, long chain alcohols, and ethylene (derived here from natural gas). True synthetics do not use crude oil.

Although there is no single accepted definition for “synthetic” lubricants, the predominant following is that synthetics are man-made and no crude oil is used. (Synthetic lubricants represent only token interest by conventional oil companies. Petroleum products are their money makers and used in about 92%-94% of the total lubricant market. ”

How can you use synthetic lubes in an electric motorcycle or EV?

“Every machine needs lubrication.  Do your shocks use oil?  Your chain?  Your bearings?  Also, we have one appearance item that is well suited to keeping  your bike looking top notch. It’s AMSOIL’s Miracle Wash – a dry wash and polish that delivers quick, easy, spray application. Simply the fastest way to clean the bike.  A dry wash is particularly suited to cleaning the systems on an electric motorcycle.

On larger EVs you have many of the typical applications of any vehicle: transmissions, wheel bearings, differentials, where our products are applicable.”

What are other ways AMSOIL is part of a renewable energy effort?

“When we strive for conservation and efficiency in many areas, we should look for the same in our lubricants..

From cradle to grave, AMSOIL synthetics tread more lightly on the environment. First they do not use crude oil; we immediately have resource conservation. Because synthetics perform much longer than conventional products, fewer products overall are produced for a given customer’s needs. There is less packaging, less resultant waste, less disposal, less handling, less time and inconvenience, and less energy used in production, distribution and in use.”

For my part, I’ve been aware of synthetic lubes for years, since they were first released in the ’70s, but considered them prohibitively expensive.  For an internal combustion vehicle, this is false economy.  Synthetics last longer and make the vehicle more efficient, resulting in an overall long term savings, as well as increased running life.  In an electric vehicle the investment is very much less- under $100 in all lubricants and cleaners – so paying a little more for synthetics has far less up-front impact on my wallet. There’s just no reason to not use synthetic lubes and cleaners, and buying AMSOIL products supports an independent US manufacturer and NOT Big Oil.

Besides all that…  running AMSOIL means I can say I’m running 100% petrochemical free.  No dinosaurs were harmed to keep my bike rolling.



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