The Electric Chronicles Has Sponsor!

Thanks to the support and generosity of Harry Rakfeldt, AMSOIL Independent Distributor, green advocate and long-time ally of The Electric Chronicles, we now can keep the bike running smooth and clean, and green!

AMSOIL was founded in 1972, a result of the vision and hard work of Lt. Col. Al Amatuzio (a US fighter pilot) who saw the clear benefits of synthetic ester-based lubricants in work done by the military in previous decades. AMSOIL went on to become the first manufacturer of synthetic lubricants to be approved by the American Petroleum Institute. AMSOIL remains the industry leader in synthetic lubrication, responding to both the demands of higher performance machines, and the demands of an environmentally conscious economy.

AMSOIL produces not only motor oils and standard lubricants, but cleaning and conditioning products as well… to keep your ride clean and shiny without water, or unnecessary pollutants.

Lubrication of components and systems is a necessity of any machine, whether it’s an electric motorcycle or a gas-burning top-fuel dragster.  The advantage a synthetic lubricant gives you has many environmentally-friendly results.  It lubricates better, making the system more efficient and using less fuel, (or electricity).  Synthetic lubes last longer than oil, so they don’t need changing as frequently.  There’s less waste and less to discard.  Synthetic oils are 100% recyclable, and they help conserve our resources.  But the best is…  they let you go faster, longer!

Harry Rakfeldt, my AMSOIL Independent Distributor, approached me several years ago to talk to me about my electric motorcycle projects and how he could be a part of the effort.  He’s been a staunch supporter and good friend, and I’m delighted to have him on-board.  He sells to a reseller network but will sell direct, as well…  “I sell at retail to anyone; I also can help businesses become resellers; I also help commercial accounts with technical advice, product applications, and help them become authorized accounts for best pricing.  And I also look for others who wish to consider owning their own business. “

Contact him for ALL of your AMSOIL needs:

AMSOIL Direct Jobber
550 NE Belfair View Rd
Belfair, WA 98528


Harry’s site, and other information about the AMSOIL line, is here:  Be sure to tell him you saw it here!

Thanks Harry!


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