The Electric Gardener, Continued: Amp Rider

Stuff like this makes me feel like I may not be out in left field (or the “back 40”) that much after all.  The Ariens “Amp Rider” snowblowers and lawnmowers, available at any Ariens dealer near you.

Take a look at their product page, here.

Here’s a great story about electric tools, “Mow Power With Less Gas”, at the Wall Street Journal, including the Amp product line:

“The new $3,299 Ariens AMP Rider was the priciest and most ambitious entrant. It cut grass evenly and drove smoothly, save an awkward reverse pedal and some huffing and puffing on certain hills. Its small size was comfortable for a tall woman’s frame, and even though its motor had a tinge of whininess, I could hold a conversation without screaming while mowing.

Read the rest of my posts about electric-powered lawn and garden tools here:  The Electric Gardener: Part One,  The Electric Gardener: Converting the Tiller, and The Electric Gardener: The Solar Charge, and The Electric Gardener- Sunday Morning Chain Saws. .



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