Best Buy Bags Brammo, EV Market

Woah.  OK.  This news today:

Best Buy Kelly Groehler, via bnet:

“We’re shutting down our broader two-wheel electric sales in 27 markets. There’s a huge barrier with consumers about how they’ll charge the vehicles. We’ll continue to offer a small number of electric scooters and one bike in 250 locations [out of 1,101 in the U.S.], during the summer biking season only.”

Bad new for Brammo, although we’ve been watching their efforts to open up the private dealer market, and not much connecting of dots is needed to figure the Best Buy arrangement wasn’t working out quite as planned.  I’ve been trying to get definitive work for a few months on whether the Brammo/Best Buy deal was just no longer exclusive, or heading for the hopper entirely.

This, along with comments in the aforementioned story on bnet, make you wonder…  did the delay in shipment for the Empulse have any influence on this decision?

…ya think?

Reading, admittedly, between the lines, it sounds like between reliability issues with the cheaper scooter products, and teething issues with the “EV start-ups such as Think, Coda and Wheego that lack their own dealerships”, it sounds to me like, although they seem to be keeping the door open, Best Buy is adopting a much more conservative, “wait and see while we sell the peripherals” approach, and my guess is that they’re just not willing to stand behind products that aren’t fully in the production pipeline.

Interesting, but certainly not particularly welcome news…



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