Next Stop: Isle of Man and the IOMTT SES TT Zero Race

Infineon’s done, and a few people mentioned packing up for the Isle.  I hadn’t seen anything about it online, so I looked a little deeper.  This is the Isle of Man TT, at, and the TT Zero Race is the repeat of what was the TTXGP/IOMTT race that was first run in 2009, except without the TTXGP folks.

Here’s the schedule page… and yeah, we’re looking at 15:00 on Wednesday, June 8th for the start.  Not only that, but I have it on good authority you’ll be seeing Lightning’s bike and the Motocycsz…  keep in mind there’s not the TTXGP weight restriction.  And no, Chip Yates won’t be there, he’ll be climbing Pike Peak around that time.

Next stop after that?  New England!



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