Identity of Super Secret Squirrel Revealed! (TTXGP)

What with the TTXGP at Infineon apparently history, and our mole dropping off the face of the earth all Hunter-Thompson- like (yes, we’ve been calling around to local constabularies, and are ready to tap our Bail funds), it seems time to thank Super Secret Squirrel for the advance photos we’ve enjoyed here…

And here he is!

Yep!  It’s none other than our buddy Gene Seymour from Manzanita Micro!  Yeah, those guys can build some nasty-ass bikes, but only Gene can charge ’em!  (Stay tuned…  more on what they used to top up those monsters a little later.  With photos.)

Thanks Gene, and hope you bust outta the joint soon!  Drunken and disorderly are such ugly terms…



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