Brammo Empulse Updated Motor Guesses

So the partnership announced recently has Brammo working with SMRE Engineering on an “IET” – an Integrated Electric Transmission”, right?  Fuggetabout the watercooled Parker motor, baby.  You’re going to see the Empulse with a built-to-order (maybe watercooled) bigass integrated motor built by SMRE.  You read it here first.

Oh, by the way…  think this whole thing is brand new?  Think again.  Check out this post from Kneeslider, talking about the IET and SMRE, ‘way back in November.  And here’s the shot they’re showing there.  Hmmmm.  Now what does that bike remind me of, I says to myself?  (ahem ZERO cough cough)


4 responses to “Brammo Empulse Updated Motor Guesses

    • Uh, sure thing? The title of the post is Motor Guesses. By built to order, I mean designed for this transmission configuration specifically, no, not engine options at all.

      • Oh OK, my bad. Well my guess is that the Empulse will indeed have an SMRE motor and it will very likely be water cooled. So yeah, I agree.

  1. This is nothing more than Brammo’s latest vapor bike ploy, designed to drum up some more pre-orders in order to convince their investors to dump even more cash into a company that has already burned through at least $30million of their money with nothing more than a 100 or so sold Enertia units sold at a loss, and an Empulse prototype that’s no were close to going into production, and failed to generate the required number of pre-orders to satisfy their investors.
    Brammo investors are starting to seriously question Brammo’s ability to deliver on it’s promises, and this is just one more desperate attempt to convince them.
    The way Brammo is handling their PR confirms this. No manufacturer ever releases exact pricing for three different models before they even have a production facility that can build the product. Manufacturers also don’t reveal too many details too far in advance, because it kills sales of their existing models, unless of course their existing models aren’t selling anyway.
    For Brammo to make money selling the Empulse 6.0 at $9995 like they claim, they would need the purchasing and manufacturing power of Honda to have the necessary economies of scale. Brammo would have to sell 10’s of thousands of these to be profitable at the prices that they claiming.
    Having none of this in place beforehand proves that Brammo just grabbed numbers out of thin air.
    I hope Brammo is ultimately successful at pulling this off, but right now they are taking advantage of people who pre-ordered bikes, thinking that Brammo was actually going to deliver, when in reality they are nothing but pawns in a corporate con game with their investors.


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